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The Future of Community Rail

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Community Rail has a crucial role to play in promoting sustainable transport, reducing car use and providing vital links for rural areas.

The newly launched report on ‘The Value of Community Rail Partnerships’ has found that Community Rail Partnerships can lead to additional rail use and fares revenue, reduce car use, contribute to regeneration strategies, support people who depend on rail for access to jobs and training, help develop tourism, achieve high value for money, deliver passenger satisfaction ratings above the national average and contribute to government strategies to develop the third sector.

This conference supported by ACoRP examines best practice to look at getting the most out of Community Rail development in terms of community engagement, partnership working, scheme promotion and looking at alternative methods of funding. The conference includes a presentation on the report: ‘The Value of Community Rail Partnerships’.

Key issues to be discussed:

Progress with the Community Rail Development Strategy

The importance of rail links to rural areas

Working with local partnerships to serve passengers

Ensuring community support for community rail schemes

Funding and viability of community rail schemes

The potential of tram-train for community rail schemes

The regeneration benefits of community rail