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The Future of Rail Freight in Europe

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The rail freight industry is experiencing dynamic change that requires new strategies, new infrastructure and new ideas. The ASI and Marketforce's 4th Annual 'The Future of Rail Freight in Europe' is a valuable opportunity to discuss these issues with your peers and get fresh insight from industry leaders. Networking and learning opportunities are carefully balanced across two days when the European freight industry comes together.

Key questions to be addressed:

How are liberalisation and competition progressing in the different Europeanmarkets?

What needs to be done to ensure the future growth of rail freight?

How can interoperability be sped up to enable effective competition with other modes?

How are rising oil prices going to affect the economic viability of different transport modes?

How are different countries planning for the future growth of rail freight?

Working across borders: how can regulators work together to make international rail freight traffic more simple for operators?