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The Growth of Electric Vehicles: Integrating Revolutionary Business Models and New Value Chains

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The evolution of electric vehicles (EVs) has shaken automotive industry traditions by offering new opportunities and challenges for business development, partnerships and integration. The industry has been required to shift to a revolutionary way of thinking in order to create unconventional business models and ventures to combat the high manufacturing costs of electric vehicles. Although EVs offer immense opportunities for existing stakeholders, the growth of this industry will introduce new entrants, intermediaries and new means of creating value at different points in the vehicle value chain.


This conference will cover:

Understanding the Rise of Battery Leasing Models, Payment Mechanisms and Financing

Opportunities and Threats of New Business Models in the Current Industry Value Chain

Critically Analysing and Indentifying Integrators and Opportunities for Business Development

Supply Side vs. Demand Side Engagement and Post—Purchase Revenue Stream

Electric Vehicle Market Outlook and Future Value Propositions.