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Hydrogen Fuelled Buses and Infrastructure in Europe

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This years virtual conference run by Global Mass Transit will break up into 8 sessions over the day.

With the key theme on Hydrogen-Fuelled buses and Infrastructure, the agenda looks into topics such as:

  • Key trends and outlook: key pending issues and challenges, market outlook and the way forward
  • European Comission initiatives: progess so far, new initiatives and future plans
  • What has worked so far?: key case studies, city level policies for promoting the deployment of fuel cell buses
  • Project Conceptualisation, Financing and Planning, and Procurement: Planning for operations of hydrogen buses
  • Economics of Hydrogen-FuelledBuses: Operations and maintenance costs of hydrogen-fuelled buses
  • Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and Infrastructure: Planning for HRS operations
  • Future Plans: Risks and challenges
  • Road to the future: Potential of hydrogen by 2030: Short-term, medium-term and long-term targets