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i2TERN - Intelligent Infrastructure for the Trans-European Road Network

Event date
Vienna (Wien)


Theme of the conference: 'Towards seamless services to achieve the common European space'. Focuses on the 7 Euro-Regional road traffic management/ITS deployment projects (CENTRICO, VIKING, CORVETTE, STREETWISE, SERTI, ARTS and CONNECT).

Parallel sessions covering a range of topics such as:

the Long Distance Corridor initiative, Datex data exchange, information and communication, traffic management and control, road monitoring infrastructure, freight and fleet management, traveller information services, ITS architecture, electronic fee collection, and road safety.

The Monday morning session comprises an Information Day for the national R&D programme of BMVIT (Austria).

The conference is hosted by BMVIT - Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology under the patronage of the European Commission (DGTREN).