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The 2010 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) will be held in Lille, Northern France, in the framework of MEGEVH, the French network on hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). The conference is co-sponsored by the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS). The conference aims to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and creative ideas in vehicle power and propulsion in order to develop and promote 'clean technology' for future transportation systems (Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Vehicles, but also more efficient subways, trains and more electric propulsion for aircraft and ships, etc.

It will include keynote papers by respected authors, technical sessions, tutorials, poster presentations and special sessions. Moreover, VPPC 2010 will be organised in a carbon care philosophy as we try to reduce the conference ecological footprint. The CO2 emissions associated with the travel of attendees will be compensated by funding carbon reduction projects.