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Implementing airport expansion in the South East

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Guests of Honour: John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive Officer, Heathrow Airport and Nick Dunn, Chief Financial Officer, Gatwick Airport

This seminar will provide a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for airport expansion in the South East.

With the Government’s endorsement of the Davies Commission report in December, and the final decision on the shape of the expansion programme expected in Summer 2016, this conference will examine the prospects for infrastructure development at Heathrow and Gatwick airports. After concerns raised in the recent Environmental Audit inquiry into airport expansion, sessions will look at the latest thinking on air quality and challenges for mitigating carbon emissions.

Further areas for discussion include integrating infrastructure development with the wider transport network, and with the needs of the growing Capital following the election of a new London mayor, and the conclusion of the Transport Committee inquiry into airport interconnection. The agenda also includes discussion on practicalities for planning and operating new capacity, priorities for nearby communities, and the impact on UK competitiveness internationally.

At this early stage, we are pleased to feature in this seminar presentations from John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive Officer, Heathrow Airport; Nick Dunn, Chief Financial Officer, Gatwick Airport; Andrew Haines, Chief Executive Officer, Civil Aviation Authority; Gavin Hayes, Director, Let Britain Fly; Tim Johnson, Director, Aviation Environment Federation and Simon Nielsen, Head of Strategic Analysis, Transport for London.

Drew Hendry MP, Shadow SNP Westminster Group Leader (Transport) and Iain Stewart MP, Member, Transport Select Committee have agreed to chair at this seminar.