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Intelligent Public Transport Systems

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European Road Show 2007/2008
A world where travelling is convenient, cost-effective, efficient and safe thanks in part to integrated intelligent systems. European Road Show 2007/2008


Berlin, February 28 - March 2 2007
London, September 5 - 7 2007
Nice, November 28 - 30 2007
Amsterdam, April 1 - 4 2008

IPTS stands for Intelligent Public Transport Systems. It embraces all electronic systems and associated technologies that make travelling by public transport safer, more efficient and more comfortable for passengers and public transport operators alike.
IPTS in Europe


Some 12,000 public transport operators serve more than 100 million passengers in the countries of the European Union on a daily basis. As well as being a major social and economic activity, public transport is also of strategic and political interest to governments at all levels. It must in principle be able to compete with private mobility options, such as cars, motor bikes, bikes and even walking. A prerequisite is that public transport must retain or even increase its market share in the transportation of people by making the ’product’ more attractive, reliable, safe and efficient. The IPTS Europe road show is a major contributor to this aim.

Why a road show?
The suppliers of IPTS are global players, while public transport operators often act locally. This operational difference calls for an event which is not bound to just one European location and a dedicated road show is the answer. To serve the diverse language areas in Europe, four major cities were chosen to stage an IPTS Europe road show: Berlin, London (city of the successful Oyster E-ticketing project), Nice (now building a new state-of the-art Light Rail System) and Amsterdam. The grand finale will be held at the same time as Intertraffic Amsterdam 2008, the world’s largest exhibition for the infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking industry. The latest intelligent transport systems are always on show at this event.

The road show format
The road show consists of four bi-lingual (where applicable), conference-driven events across Europe. Each event has its own dedicated conference with regional topics, an exhibition area and will also incorporate site visits and live demonstrations. The IPTS Europe road show is a co-operation of Amsterdam RAI and Brisk Events, both based in the Netherlands.