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International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities 2021

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While some studies indicate that living standards can be better in urban areas compared to villages, there are significant societal challenges that are exacerbated by large population growth in urban areas that have constrained resources, such as road networks, public transport, energy, water, waste management and healthcare. 

The first International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities gathers researchers from around the world to share the latest advances in the field of smart cities, with a focus on transportation. The solutions developed by industry and research aim to address the challenges posed by the increasing population in cities. 

Topics addressed in this conference inlcude:

  • Cybersecurity and privacy in smart grid systems
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Internet-of-Things for Smart Cities
  • Smart Mobility
  • Transport Policy, Planning, and Financing in Developing Countries
  • Travel Behaviour and Choice Modeling
  • Urban Transport Operations