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Information Technology (IT) has a rapidly growing influence on public and urban transport; from how our systems, operations and services are defined and managed, to its effect on travellers’ behaviour and expectations.

The explosion in the volume of available data is expected to accompany greater intelligence in the management of systems and customer relations. It will increase the need for interoperable solutions as well as for smarter and integrated systems, whether it be for network management, information or ticketing. Relations with customers and travellers will therefore also change.

Highlighting smart travellers in smart systems, IT-TRANS is the leading conference where the sector meets to exchange, discuss and invent IT solutions, to further support the growth of public and sustainable urban transport. It will connect leaders and decisionmakers with the vibrant world of start-ups and SMEs, which are in the vanguard of new developments and interactions with other sectors. IT-TRANS is also the place where operators, authorities and the industry can seize upon and locally implement innovative solutions. They will be able to attend specific conference sessions presenting practical guidelines for implementation.