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Lo-Pinod Final Conference

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LO-PINOD (Logistics Optimisation for Ports Intermodality: Network, Opportunities, Development) challenges traditional practices of freight distribution and offers a more sustainable alternative. Through improvements to shortsea routes, multi-modal connectivity between regional ports and their hinterland, and diversified port land use and operational models, LO-PINOD will help deliver social and economic benefits to communities and businesses across the North Sea Region (NSR). For more information:

Representatives from the shipping, transport and logistics industries, policy makers and funding organisations, as well as other interested parties, are invited to find out how regional ports have been optimising their operations and establishing shortsea shipping and local links to deliver environmental and economic benefits to communities and businesses.

The conference will also explore how partners are promoting policy change nationally and at EU level to encourage greater use of regional ports, short sea shipping and multi-modal transport chains to ensure regional ports become a key element in Europe’s comprehensive transport network.

The plenary panel discussion will invite policy makers, funders and industry representatives to explore the barriers and future opportunities for regional ports in discussion with conference attendees.

LO-PINOD is an Interreg NSR programme project, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).