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Managing socio-cultural factors during emergencies in public transport systems

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The IMPACT project is glad to invite you to the Final Dissemination Event "Managing socio-cultural factors during emergencies in public transport systems", to be held in Rome (Italy), 21-22 September 2017.

IMPACT is a CSA of the European Commission investigating the key role played by cultural factors in managing safety and security issues related to emergencies in public transport systems.

The final event will bring together experts, researchers, practitioners and relevant stakeholders in the different transport domains, including service providers, first responders, law enforcement and national and international regulators. It will be a great opportunity to:

  1. create a wider community around the theme of multicultural and social factors in emergency management in transport domains;
  2. present, validate and discuss the final results achieved by IMPACT;
  3. exchange best practices and generalise findings with other research Projects and to other domains.

Keynote speakers, like Gert Jan Hofstede and Marcel Altenburg, will provide the impetus for a discussion on current research trends in socio-cultural aspects relevant for ensuring safety and security in modern transport hubs.

The event will also host a panel session dedicated to introducing the LETS-CROWD H2020 project, recently started.

For further information and to subscribe to the event, please visit