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Maritime Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Europe

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Riviera Maritime Media’s Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Conference will return as a virtual event, bringing together industry leaders who are adopting hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for maritime applications, and driving this dynamic sector with a focus on developments in Europe.

Interest in hydrogen and fuel cells as an alternative clean fuel for maritime transport continues to grow exponentially, with many professionals seeing it as the solution to meeting the zero emission targets over the next few decades. This 2-day online event will provide a global overview of the sector, showcase the latest advances in the technology, consider potential applications and provide participants with a better understanding of the long-term benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells.


Delegates will include hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers, engine manufacturers, systems integrators, naval architects, vessel owners and operators, industry associations, classification societies, analysts, and industry suppliers. 

Key topics include:

  • The next chapter in the hydrogen & fuel cell story from the vessel owner’s perspective
  • Moving towards hydrogen & fuel cells as a viable fuel source
  • Application, benefits, challenges, and opportunities of each of the key green fuel options
  • Regulation and development of operational safety standards
  • Driving infrastructure requirements – ensuring availability, storage and distribution
  • Assessing the environmental impacts of fuel cells during their entire lifecycle
  • How can we increase the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the maritime sector?
  • Design and layout consideration for next generation vessels