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Moving Together towards a New Culture for Urban Mobility in the City of Rome Conference

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The MOVE TOGETHER project, funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme, focuses on raising citizens awareness and appreciation of EU research on sustainable transport in the urban environment. The aim is to make people aware of what the EU transport research is doing and how the research results can help – if implemented in our cities – to make urban transport more sustainable.

In the context of the MOVE TOGETHER project, the Municipality of Rome will organise the Citizens and Stakeholders Conference “Moving Together towards a New Culture for Urban Mobility in the City of Rome”, which will be held in Autumn 2008. A panel of 25 citizens living and/or working in the Rome area will be selected randomly and involved in the process. These citizens will be asked to produce their appreciation of the results achieved by the existing EU research activities in the Rome area, against the mobility problems they face everyday to move within the city (or to access from outside for the commuters). More in detail, the citizens will be asked to appreciate research achievements and actions which have been implemented or which could be realised in the future to get more fluid, greener, smarter, more accessible and safer transport from the perspective of the neighbourhood in which they live.