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Multimodal Urban Day: Paris edition presents Smart Track for Waterway (ST4W) project

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Join the next "Multimodal Urban Day" on Thursday 19 May 2022 10:00-13:00 CET in Paris hosted by HAROPA Ports at Port de Grenelle to hear about the Smart Track for Waterway (ST4W).

Five "Multimodal Urban Days" are being organised with the project partners in Liège, Lille, Brussels, Paris, and Ghent to present the Smart Track for Waterway (ST4W) project, an INTERREG North-Western Europe innovation project aimed at facilitating the interconnection of inland waterways with more efficient and ecological urban logistics.

In collaboration with Euroports Inland Terminals, it will demonstrate a small barge equipped with an onboard crane, swooping cargo bikes, and an inland waterway tracking solution proposed by Multitel.

Waterway transportation emits three times fewer C02 than road transport. ST4W aims to encourage shippers that move pallet-freight to use water rather than road transport. With complex distribution schemes, these flows are often small in volume and highly diversified, loaded, transported, and delivered mainly by SMEs.

Smart Tracking Data Network for Shipment by Inland Waterway (ST4W) proposes a solution to manage shipments by inland waterway transport, providing small stakeholders more straightforward and cheaper access to secure data that will enable them to share a hierarchical track & trace service of shipment, complementing the RIS.


Fore more information, and to register, see the official website