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Next steps for planning policy in Scotland

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Central Edinburgh
STRIA Roadmaps
Infrastructure (INF)


Discussion on priorities for Scotland’s planning system, as the Scottish Government prepares for the expected introduction of a Planning Bill, will be the focus of this conference.


Delegates will assess the Scottish Government’s proposed changes to Scotland’s planning framework at local, regional and national levels and the likely impact on the strategic planning of major infrastructure projects.


They will also discuss opportunities for future-proofing Scotland’s planning system, drawing on lessons from the rest of the UK to assess approaches for tackling the skills shortage within planning, the potential for technological innovation and realising the resilient and sustainable communities outlined in the Scottish Government’s draft energy strategy.


Further sessions consider proposed changes to the planning system aimed at addressing barriers to the delivery of housing in Scotland, and how this may impact on the provision of other vital infrastructure such as telecommunications.


The agenda looks at the possible role of Simplified Planning Zones for housing, changes to funding mechanisms for the planning system such as the rise in planning fees and the proposed infrastructure levy, as well as how proposals such as extending permitted development rights may encourage the infrastructure first approach put forward by the Scottish Government.