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Via Nordica 2008

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Long distances, four seasons and unpredictable weather conditions are all typical features of Northern Europe. The Nordic countries are well known for having a high standard of living, competitive industrial production as well as being at the forefront of innovation in many scientific and technological areas. All this calls for a safe, durable and under all circumstances well functioning road and transport infrastructure. This cannot be achieved without a high level of competence in research and development as well as an effective utilization of innovations within both traditional and modern technologies. This entails both strong regional cooperation within the Nordic countries and interaction with the wider world.


Via Nordica 2008 offers experts and others within the field an excellent opportunity to share ideas, learn from one another and establish fruitful contacts. The slogan of this Congress is Via Nordica - the Road Ahead. It focuses on the challenges of the future and the solutions that must be created to meet them. The congress is also open for experts beyond the Nordic countries, experts who would like to share our experiences and bring a valuable and welcomed international element to this Nordic Congress. Welcome to Helsinki in June 2008! Let us together make the road ahead safe and sustainable.