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OPTICS final public event “Is safety research making us safer?”

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OPTICS project's final public event will be held on June 12-13, 2017 in Brussels at EUROCONTROL. The event will address the key question, “Is safety research making us safer?”.
Presenters from the European Commission, EASA, FAA, NASA, SESAR, the European Passenger Federation, Future Sky Safety and EUROCONTROL, along with representatives from each main segment of the aviation spectrum – airlines, airports, air traffic organisations, and airframe manufacturers – will address this key question, highlighting some of the key research results and ongoing research activities that aim to ensure we not only remain the safest mode of transport, but continue to improve safety even as capacity and aerial vehicle diversity increase.
This two-day event will also summarise the four years of OPTICS assessments, including the recent assessment of over 100 safety R&D projects occurring at national level in Europe, and the early results from analysis of global aviation safety research activities.
Key safety research projects will be presented, including the integration of RPAS/Drones into civil airspace as well as personal aerial vehicles, and the resulting top ten priority issues from the April 2017 OPTICS workshop on Design for Resilience and Survivability.
The ‘OPTICS story’ will be presented, alongside the unveiling of the brand new ACARE Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda for Safety and Security, and the future need for closer integration of safety and security research will be discussed.
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an overarching view of the best of aviation safety research, and the challenges that remain to guide us to a safer air transport system-of-systems all the way to 2050.