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Bringing together the world's leading experts to explore the future of Smart Cities, this Seminar will provide practical examples and best practices on how to implement mobility plans and how technology can help to effectively manage urban organisation.

Numerous cities worldwide are considering - or have already written - Integrated Mobility Plans (IMPs). They provide a vision for successful urban mobility and ensure that people and places can connect, now and in the future. In order to be successful, IMPs need to be effectively delivered and to turn them into reality five key principles have been identified:

A shared vision
Effective governance 
Long-term political commitment 
Strong links with land-use planning and economic development 
Long-term funding commitment 

Featuring an interactive breakout session and panel discussions, this one-day Seminar will also address the barriers to Smart Cities and give participants insight on how to develop strong partnerships with industry. Successful approaches to Integrated Mobility Plans will be drawn from an expert debate, offering practical advice on how to move forward with your own Smart Cities strategy.