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Quantum Technology for Transport

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Workshop where current Quantum capabilities and technologies will be outlined and explained.

Quantum technologies and their promise of revolutionising technologies and capabilities have become a popular topic, but many do not understand what they can provide, and think they are too far into the future to be an asset now.

The fact is quantum technologies are real, exciting capabilities are available now, and the UK has a privileged position as a leader in this area.

KTN would like to invite you to attend our exciting workshop on the 8th of February at the Williams Formula 1 centre, Grove, where current quantum capabilities and technologies will be outlined and explained.

If you are part of the Intelligent Transport and Mobility world come along to find out about the new developments in quantum technology that can provide sought after solutions.

Potential benefits include:

  • positioning capabilities
  • vehicle situational awareness
  • increased accuracy of communication systems
  • imaging through turbid media
  • imaging around corners
  • detecting imminent landslips