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Railway Brake and Friction Conference, UK

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A single-theme conference on brake and friction materials for the railway industry.

Hear braking experts from companies like Bombardier, Transport for London, DB Systechnik, UIC (International Union of Railway) and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences cover key topics including:-

•Replacing cast iron brake shoes with composite brake blocks
•Noise emission limitation for freight wagons
•How Transport for London created a world first in regenerative braking
•Energy efficiency system design
•Parameters and stochastic behaviour of braking force and transmission
•White box modelling of the braking system between brake pipe, understanding which parameters play a role?
•Stochastic behaviour of parameters, how do they behave and influence the resulting braking distance?
•Use of Monte Carlo Techniques and special rare event techniques for simulation
•Braking adhesion management
•WSP strategies
•Adhesion improvement by magnetic track brakes and sanding devices
•Innovations in predictable and optimised braking
•Microwave technology to increase adhesion, reduce delay and reduce maintenance costs
•Future innovations