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Regional airports in the UK: priorities for connectivity, capacity and investment

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Sessions at this seminar will focus on regional airport capacity and aviation throughout the UK, in the context of the Government's decision to support runway construction and capacity expansion at Heathrow.

With the rollout of 11 new domestic routes through government backing underway and following plans for major infrastructure investment in the Midlands, the North and London City Airport, delegates will assess implementation issues and further opportunities for connectivity and economic development in the UK’s major and regional airports. 

Planned areas for discussion include strategies for maximising the benefits of airport development for regions, devolved nations and businesses, while further sessions will focus on the effects of development on local traffic, air quality and carbon emissions as cities across the UK begin to introduce Low Emission Zones to manage transport. Discussion will also look at priorities for integrating airports into the transport network as the newly-established Transport for the North (TfN) begins its work on transport governance in the North of England.