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SAFE 360°- Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe 2022

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SAFE 360°- Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe 2022 will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 13-15 September. SAFE 360˚ 2022 strives to break down silos by examining the key safety issues in Europe from a cross-domain perspective. The conference includes the full spectrum of aviation stakeholders taken from up and down the technical and management chain. Priority will be given to fully-engaged aviation professionals from organisations working in the field of commercial fixed-wing operations and coming from regulators, manufacturers, flight crew, ATM/ANSPs, engineers, airports and ground handling. 

SAFE 360˚ 2022 will be structured as follows:

  • Day 1: High-level Panels*
  • Day 2: 360° Panels
  • Day 3: FDM Session
  • Additional Flash Talk content that can be listened to outside the conference programme.

*There will be Panel discussions on: 

  • Approach path and energy management; 
  • Safe airspace integration of UAS;
  • The human performance challenge and; 
  • Maintenance and Air Ops interdependencies. 

For more information and to register, please visit the EASA website.