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Smart Transport Conference

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Smart mobility and services (SMO)


Connecting senior policymakers with the private sector mobility world, the conference will discuss the challenges facing the UK transport sector and provide a roadmap towards the introduction of practical, integrated transport solutions.

This event will focus on real-time solutions to the shared challenges facing government and businesses. Attendees will experience and engage in debates focusing on implementation that will involve a range of diverse and senior speakers. By taking an integrated perspective, the conference will help to overcome the bottlenecks of advanced mobility.

Speakers include:

  • Heidi Alexander, Deputy Mayor of London for Transport
  • Professor Nick Reed, Head of Mobility R&D Bosch
  • Lucy Saunders, Consultant in Public Health - Transport & Public Realm TfL/GLA

Both public and private sector professionals are welcome to attend the event to gain clarity on the future capabilities of private sector involvement and transport policy.

For more information, visit the event website.