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Smart Urban Transport – Standardising information in retail supply chain management and last-mile distribution

Event date


The STRAIGHTSOL (Strategies and measures for smarter urban freight solutions) project ( cordially invites you to attend this demonstration workshop to be held on Wednesday 31 October, 2012 at the premises of GS1 Norway, Brynsveien 13, 0667 Oslo, Norway.


The demonstrated solution

GS1 Norway demonstrates how automatic data capturing, standardisation and sharing of event information associated with freight transport will make it possible to harmonize urban transport to achieve environmental and economic benefits. The demonstration will show how automatic data capturing, enabled by proven and new technology solutions in the value chain, may contribute to more efficient and predictable deliveries for consignees as well as shorter waiting-, delivery- and loading times.

Events in terms of WHAT (individual object instances), WHERE (read point, business location), WHEN (time stamp) and WHY (business step, type of event) and disposition (object condition e.g. ‘damaged’) will be shared . Push messages will be sent by SMS or e-mail about important event information, e.g. delayed deliveries. Information will be collected at different critical points through the last-mile delivery, such as ‘goods at loading bay’, ‘out of warehouse’, ‘in transit’ (GPS Geofencing), ‘freight receipt in the shopping centre’, ‘receipt at receiver’s premises’ etc.

The demonstration takes place at Stovner senter, which is a shopping centre in Oslo with approximately 100 shops, receiving deliveries from warehouses in the Oslo area.