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STARS, PTP-Cycle, MOBI projects final conference

Event date


STARS, PTP-Cycle, and MOBI projects will organise a conference on 18 February 2016 in Brussels to present results and share knowledge with European cities on embedding cycling culture in schools through accreditation and peer-to-peer methods, delivering personalised travel advice, and promoting sustainable mobility among employees through gamification.

This conference is a joint initiative of the European co-funded projects STARS, PTP-Cycle, and MOBI which will come to an end in 2016.

The conference will present final results and conclusions drawn from each project at three break-out sessions to shed light on:

  • Biking take up among school children through accreditation schemes;
  • Cost-benefit analysis of personalised travel planning in different settings (residential, workplaces and universities);
  • The power of gamification to encourage a change in travel behaviour;
  • The impact of European co-funded projects to decarbonise road traffic.

roundtable with international speakers will debate what initiatives prove cost effective for cities to reduce car traffic, air emissions and noise, and how cities, urban and transport planners can tap into travel behaviour change techniques to better cater for pedestrian and cyclists.

The conference language will be English.

The event will take place from 12:00 to 18:00 in Brussels, Belgium.

To learn more about the three projects, please visit the respective websites: