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Stimulating Markets for Electric Vehicles: Consumer Adoption, Education and Incentives

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The global momentum towards the electrification of transport continues to intensify as electric vehicles are considered as possible steps towards sustainable transport. Some automotive analysts predict that the European market for EVs could potentially grow up to 480,000 units by 2015.

Despite this optimism, EVs face substantial technical and commercial barriers in the global marketplace due to high initial costs and existing customer perceptions and expectations. A fundamental shift in consumer attitudes, along with education, pricing incentives, balanced taxation and a range of market instruments, will support the adoption of EVs into the marketplace.

This conference offers an opportunity for industry stakeholders, investors, business representatives and governments to share their experiences and exchange ideas in order to gain an understanding of the pathways and progress for the uptake of electric vehicles around the globe. In addition, it aims to provide a setting for delegates to expand their business network as well as identify future challenges that must be solved to increase the growth and acceptance of electric vehicles in the global marketplace.