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#TRA2016 (Transport Research Arena 2016) - the most important transport research event in Europe - is approaching fast: it will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 18 to 21 April and will gather key stakeholders: researchers, experts, operators, industry and policy-makers.

Among the rich programme's manifold offers, is the Results Forum: embedded in the TRA Marketplace and organised by the European Commission, it aims at boosting the commercialisation of Transport Research project results and facilitating the establishment of partnerships to support implementation.

The Results Forum will bring together providers of research results including SMEs, start-ups, university institutes and research organisations, and research results' users, buyers and investors such as innovation agencies, local and regional authorities, public transport bodies, and venture capitalists.

If you are registered to TRA2016, you can participate in the TRA Marketplace free of charge. If not, an ad-hoc registration for the TRA Marketplace is mandatory, including a €20 fee per day. Registration gives you access to an online match-making tool enabling you to set-up 15-minute bilateral meetings. The matching between providers bringing their Transport Research outcomes to the market and users ready to invest into new inventions, products, solutions, expertise etc. underpins the whole meeting format and enables you to explore opportunities to exploit your Transport Research results or to find solutions matching your deployment needs.

Don't wait! Set up your bilateral meetings and make the future of your Transport Research results start now!