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UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail 2023

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The 11th UIC high-speed rail congress will take place from 7-10 March in Marrakesh, Morocco. The World Congress on High–Speed Rail is held every 2-3 years and has been successfully convened ten times since its first edition in 1992, and now is renowned worldwide as the most prominent and a large-scale global event on high–speed rail addressing both HSR operation and technology issues.

Participants include representatives from international railway organisations, government officials, executives of world-leading railway enterprises, senior HSR experts and managers, researchers and scholars, etc. The Congress will review and look at the current development of global HSRs, exhibit the latest state-of-the-art HSR technologies and form a vision on HSRs tomorrow. It will also provide a platform for dialogues and exchanges of HSR countries and set the direction for future HSR research and development, which will exert a profound influence on the future of HSRs.

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