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UITP Design Day

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The pace of our lives is becoming ever more frenetic and travel is now an everyday part of our habits. Time spent moving therefore needs to be enjoyable. An unequivocal link exists between quality of life and mobility; there is more to traveling on public transport than just having a ticket to ride on a vehicle that will take us nearer our desired destination. Public transport professionals must aim to ensure that the whole journey experience is a positive one. Making this happen is not an easy matter and it involves looking in turn at each environment and space customers use in every part of their journey. Design of vehicles and infrastructure (stations, bus and light rail shelters, waiting areas, signage and information systems, accessibility systems) are just some of the aspects to be examined. Customer satisfaction and impression of quality can be further enriched by public artwork, cultural and community actions and other installations that increase the interest and quality of the space as well as the travel experience. UITP is pleased to organize the 3rd Design Day in Lisbon, where some of the most important Portuguese.