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UK Bus Summit 2019

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The 5th annual UK Bus Summit will take place in London in February 2019. Taking place in Westminster, the summit aims to elevate the importance of buses in local and national transportation decision-making. The event provides the opportunity to compare and contrast bus policies throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This year the focus will be on 'The Future of Mobility', the need for a long-term bus investment strategy, air quality and methods for encouraging passengers to switch to buses as a primary mode of transport.

The UK's mobility landscape is changing rapidly with new forms of transport emerging and customer expectations being continually redefined. The UK Bus Summit will examine the Government's consultation on the 'Future of Mobility' and provide the opportunity for stakeholders to exchange views on why a long-term bus investment strategy is needed.

The summit will also discuss why buses are an integral part of the solution to Clean Air Zones rather than a problem, examining how to put buses at the heart of air quality. 

For more information, visit the event website