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UK RAIL 2016

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Join the who’s who of the UK Rail sector to discuss where future investment opportunities lie and find out how to win lucrative contracts from clients and contractors. 

From drawing out lessons learned from Crossrail, to exploring the recent developments on HS2, this event will provide insight from those delivering, designing and procuring these £multi-billion projects.

Key topics for 2016 include:

  • Insight into CP5 and looking forward to CP6
  • Exploring the procurement for HS2 and the current timescales
  • Lessons learned as Crossrail passes the half way stage
  • Next developments for LUL’s statins programme
  • Modernisation of major stations across the UK
  • Solutions to the electrification of lines in the South, North and Scotland
  • Impact of changes to rail franchises for asset maintenance

And much more…