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UK Rail Summit 2019

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The UK has the fastest growing railway in Europe with one of the best safety records. It is a UK success story but recent challenges in catering for continual growth has resulted in criticism from passengers and politicians, with calls for renationalisation. The organisational structure of the UK's railways is no longer working. Rail needs a new guiding mind. Secretary of State Chris Grayling has ordered a "root and branch" review.

The 2019 summit will tackle themes challenging the industry including:

  • Improving Network Rail Performance
  • How do we deliver a railway that is able to offer good value fares for passengers, while keeping costs down for taxpayers?
  • Why HS2 is a key element of the UK's Transport Strategy
  • Working Partnerships between Operators and Network Rail
  • Devolved Railways: Rail Strategies across the UK
  • How do we create a system that is financially sustainable and able to address long-term cost pressures?
  • Lessons learnt from recent developments in the industry
  • How do we reform the sector over the short, medium and longer term?

 For more information, please visit the event website