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UK Smart Cities: development, implementation and effective utilisation

Event date
TBC, Central London


Guests of Honour: Paul Wilson, Managing Director, Bristol Is Open and Dan Byles, Chair, SmarterUK and Vice-President, Corporate Development, Living PlanIT

As urban areas throughout the UK continue to develop smart infrastructure and with growing demand for data and telecoms services, this seminar will consider next steps for the expansion and implementation of services across sectors including transport, communications, waste management and energy.

Delegates will assess key issues facing the sector, such as long-term financing challenges, cyber security threats and developing standards to allow for sufficient access to smart services.

It follows Ofcom’s recent announcement allowing IOT and M2M applications to use low-band VHF spectrum, supporting future growth for the sector.

Further sessions will examine how policymakers and regulators can support the utilisation of existing infrastructure and innovation for new projects as technological capabilities evolve. Delegates will also discuss barriers to implementation, including planning difficulties in urban areas, the cost of infrastructure and how effectively commercial and public entities work together.

We are delighted that the following will be joining us as keynote speakers: Dan Byles, Chair, SmarterUK and Vice-President, Corporate Development, Living PlanIT; Colette Maloney, Head of Unit, Smart Cities and Sustainability Unit, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission; Mark Elborne, President & Chief Executive Officer, GE UK & Ireland; Richard Harris, Director, Communications and Marketing, International Transportation and Government, Xerox; Robert Hunt, Chief Corporate Officer and External Affairs Director, Veolia UK; Paul Wilson, Managing Director, Bristol Is Open; Miranda Sharp, Head of Smart Cities Practice, Ordnance Survey; Geoff Snelson, Director of Strategy, Corporate Core, Milton Keynes Council and Volker Buscher, Director, Arup.

Mark Prisk MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Smart Cities has kindly agreed to chair a session at this seminar.