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URBIS Smart City Fair

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URBIS Smart City Fair brings a smart combination of a trade fair and an exclusive conference programme, where leaders in the field of Smart Cities will be introduced. Over the course of two days, dozens of representatives of Central European cities and municipalities and leaders in innovations will meet with one goal – to share experience, ideas and examples of specific solutions on how to correctly develop a Smart City concept in cities, so that all citizens could live better in them.

The URBIS Smart City Fair is ideal for:

  • Leaders in Innovation and Suppliers of Solutions for Municipal Authorities
  • Start-ups
  • Regions, Towns, Municipalities, Micro-regions and European Groupings
  • Active Citizens

The themes for 2020 cover everything associated with Smart Cities, including planning, safety, open data, transport and mobility, and more. 

For more information and for registration, please visit their website.