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ViWaS Final Conference- Perspectives for Single Wagon Load

Event date
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz: Lidostrasse 5 (Lucerne)


Over the last years, high production costs and low quality standards resulted in a declining market share of single wagon and wagon group transport in Europe. However, commercial sectors such as the chemicals or steel industries still have a demand for rail transport capacities below block train segments. This is where ViWaS comes in: By means of organizational and technical solutions, efficiency and quality standards of single wagonload transport shall be improved in the long run.

To achieve this goal, ten European companies and research institutions from the areas of rail transportation and logistics have joined forces to develop solutions for competitive wagonload transport that are simultaneously innovative and practical.

On basis of real business cases, ViWaS has conducted developments in various areas, e.g.

Bundling concepts
More efficient last-mile services
Intelligent and cost-efficient freight wagon telematics
Modular components for an improved flexibility of freight wagons

During various presentations ViWaS findings will be presented to the audience. Consortium members will talk about technical solutions, innovative production schemes, and improved transport quality. In a panel discussion experts will discuss the future of single wagonload and further subsequent actions to be taken in the years to come.

Panel Discussion
Marian Gaidzik (Senior Consultant and Partner, HaCon)

Joachim Berends (CEO Bentheimer Eisenbahn, Vice President VDV)
Olaf Krüger (Chairman of Board IBS)
Sassan Rabet (CEO Xrail)
Armand Toubol (Vice Chairman NEWOPERA)
Gerhard Troche (European Commission DG MOVE)

The conference will be held in German and Englisch. Translation in both directions will be provided