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Webinar on open data for smarter cities

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Big data allows for the design of better measures to promote sustainable use of energy and sustainable mobility. But how exactly? And how to collect, manage, and share this data? 

Various Interreg Europe projects put forward good practices on data collection for better management, both in the area of energy and mobility. Some cities have gone a step further and made all collected data on public services available and accessible, not only to the concerned public services but also to the general public. Hoping to foster better energy and mobility management, and private sector innovation at the same time. 

On 29 April from 14:30 to 16:00 CET, Interreg Europe is hosting webinar open data for smarter cities, providing more complete examples of open public data from several Interreg Europe projects. The webinar will cover topics such as;

  • Introduce the concept of smart open data centres and related good practices from across Europe.
  • Raise awareness about the importance and opportunities related to making data on public infrastructures like energy and transport public.
  • Enable participants to exchange knowledge and good practices on the topiTopics and speakers.

Topics ans speakers include:

  • Alessandra Barbieri, from the Municipality of Florence and Sergio Gatteschi, from the regional resource recovery agency of Tuscany (EMPOWER and REBUS project), will present the Florence Smart City Control Room.
  • Jiri Stich, advisor to the Usti Region in charge of Smart Region concept, will present Usti Region Open Data Hub PORTABO.
  • Hugo Niesing, advisor to the City of Amsterdam, Resourcefully (CleanMobilEnergy project) will present the Integrated Energy Management System for smarter cities. An example of a low-carbon innovation made possible by opening public data on energy and mobility.

In order to register for this webinar, you need to have an Interreg Europe online account, which is free and open to policy makers, academics, experts and others with a keen interest in regional development policies in Europe. If you are not a member of the Interreg Europe community, then please create an account.