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Workshop: “Accessing transport research information” at TRA 2010

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Information about transport research in the EU and the Member States of the European Research Area (ERA) is scattered and thus it is often difficult to access for those in need of it. The Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC) attempts to bring together a maximum of this information, yet there are numerous other databases and websites, which provide similar or complementary information.

The TRKC will host a workshop session at TRA 2010 on Wednesday 9 June from 13:45 to 15:00.

The aim of this session is to identify improvements in accessing transport research information for the benefit of end users. To this end, representatives from several different databases will briefly present their portals: TRKC, ELTIS, CORDIS (tbc), ENTrada, and Press4Transport. Representatives from different end user groups such as the research community, decision-makers and shapers, as well as industry will provide structured feedback on their experience in accessing transport research information. The session will be chaired by Professor Tony May of the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies.