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Workshop 'automated vehicles and urban traffic management'

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The MAVEN stakeholder consultation group will meet for the first time in Barcelona to share information and views on the subject of automated vehicles and traffic management.

MAVEN, a new European research project starting in September 2016, will investigate the role of traffic management in a future of increasingly automated vehicles.It expects to cover a wide range of subjects, including

  • the role of road side equipment (eg, traffic lights);
  • interaction between the infrastructure and the fully automated vehicle in terms of eg, speed advisory, platooning or lane change advisory;
  • the impact on vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists), among others.

Polis is a partner of Maven and will contribute to a number of tasks, including stakeholder consultation.

A small budget has been set aside to assist with travel expenses for local authority representatives attending the workshop.

This workshop is held in the day after the CIMEC-CODECS workshop on 'C-ITS and cities' also taking place in Barcelona.