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Workshop on Green Transport in Greater Copenhagen

Event date


Copenhagen Electric, E.ON Denmark, State of Green and Copenhagen Capacity organises a workshop on 24 April 2017 to focus on building the market place for smart electro-mobility and roll-out action.

The program will focus on four thematic tracks

  • E-freight: presented by Copenhagen Electric and the coordinator of FREVUE
  • E-buses: presented by City of Copenhagen and discussion led by ZeEUS
  • E-parking and smart charging: presentation of Smart mobility by EON and Mobility coordinator, City of Copenhagen
  • E-car and E-bike sharing: presented by Green Mobility and discussion led by Ile-de-France Region

In connection with the workshop there will be also a study trip in Copenhagen. GoBike will present the Danish electric citybikes, DriveNow will present the Danish concept and there will be field testing.