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40th European Transport Conference


The Conference themes, as listed on the Conference website include:Low emission vehicles – providing infrastructure and achieving higher levels of usage

  • Issues in the challenge of the movement of goods and people across long distances
  • Changes in travel behaviour and demand patterns during changing economic times
  • Climate change and extreme weather conditions – lessons to be learned and how to plan for an uncertain future
  • How to minimise social exclusion in times of economic hardship
  • The response of transport planning to the rise of social media
  • Bus Rapid Transit and Personal Rapid Transit – the future of public transport? New approaches and applications in modeling
  • City logistics – what difference does e-shopping make?
  • How can reduced transport infrastructure funding provide an opportunity to shift attention to lower-cost but more environmentally friendly projects?
  • Challenges faced in providing for leisure and tourism in an economic downturn
  • Achieving the goals of the Decade of Action for Road Safety

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