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Adoption and Diffusion of Horizon Europe Work programme (2023-24) - Cluster 5

Adoption and Diffusion of Horizon Europe Work programme (2023-24) - Focus on Cluster 5 and open calls

On 6 December 2022 was published the European Commission implementing decision for the Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2023 and 2024. 

Concerning Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility (link to document), the overarching driver is to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions and associated transformation of our economy, industry and society with a view to achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. This encompasses the transition to greenhouse gas neutrality of the energy and mobility sectors by 2050 at the latest (as well as that of other sectors not covered by this cluster), while boosting their competitiveness, resilience, and utility for citizens and society. Europe has been at the forefront of climate science and is committed to keep delivering the knowledge for enabling efficient pathways and just transitions to climate neutrality.

Consequently, a number of calls are open for submission, with some deadline dates as early as 30 March 2023, such as for Demonstration of synthetic renewable fuel for aviation and/or shipping.