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Austria to create nationwide EV charging network


Austria is set to connect a series of electric vehicle (EV) charging points in a bid to boost EV ownership in the country. 

From April 2017, eleven electricity providers will combine their charging stations into one network of 1,300 public points throughout the nation – according to Transport Minister Joerg Leichtfried.

The nationwide network of charging stations will make it easier for drivers to recharge their vehicles in addition to helping the nation reduce CO2 emissions.  

Drivers will be able to sign up with any of the eleven providers and be able to use all the stations within the combined network.

The move is the latest in a series of initiatives introduced in the country to increase the use of EVs.

In 2016, new electric car registrations increased by an impressive 130 per cent – the largest increase in the entire European Union (EU).

Car buyers in Austria will now receive up to €4,000 ($4,300) in rebates, helping to offset the higher price of EVs.

The share of electric cars in Austria is three times higher than the average for the EU and four times higher than Germany.

According to Leichtfried, the country will be host to 2,000 charging stations by the end of 2017, which will increase to 5,000 in 2020.

The network is also believed to be connected to other networks in Europe in the coming months.

The news follows the announcement that Austria sourced 33.0 per cent of its gross final consumption of energy from renewables in 2015.

The country is now just 1 per cent short of reaching its national 2020 renewable energy target of 34 per cent.