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Call for proposals by ERA-NET TRANSPORT initiative “Climate-friendly freight network”


Freight transport is essential for economic development and efficient transport and distribution of freight is at the top of the wish list for many countries. A new emerging transnational funding initiative under ERA-NET TRANSPORT wants to push European knowledge even further. The funding countries behind the continuously open funding initiative are Austria, France, Germany and Sweden.The basic consideration is to set only a wide thematic framework and to provide room for researchers to develop high quality project ideas in the following areas:

  1. Urban freight distribution
  2. Long-distance transport and the freight transport corridors
  3. Intermodality on freight transport
  4. Intelligent logistics

More detailed information is included in the guide for applicants, which can be downladed at the ENT website ( ). Due to the open nature of the cut-off dates for this transnational research initiative it is recommended to contact the national contact point for your programme/country, before starting a proposal process. To potential applicants it is highly recommended to submit proposals before 31 July 2010. Participants from Austria have to hand in at the latest by 15 July 2010.The national contact point can advise on frame conditions, cut-off dates and can give a first validation of the research idea. Further it is recommended to draft a pre-proposal of max 10 pages outlining the research idea and potential partners.