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Commission announces comprehensive proposals to improve railway services


The EC has announced the fourth Railway Package, a proposal for far-reaching measures to provide higher quality and more choice in railway services in Europe. The measures encourage more innovation both through the introduction of competition into EU domestic passenger markets and through technical and structural reforms. They focus on standards and approvals, competition, structure, and a skilled and motivated workforce.
According to Vice-President Kallas "Europe’s railways are approaching a very important junction. Faced with stagnation or decline in rail in many markets across Europe, we have a simple choice. We can take the tough decisions now that are needed to restructure Europe’s railway market to encourage innovation and the provision of better services. Rail will be able to grow again to the benefit of citizens, business and the environment. [….]" 
The Commission’s proposals will be discussed by the European Parliament and Member State Governments, before being adopted. 
Please find more information on the EC website.