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The Commission proposes measures to strengthen the rights of travellers


On 29 November 2023, the Commission adopted a series of proposals that aim to improve the experience and rights of passengers and travellers. 

The proposals focus on introducing stronger passenger rights, in particular, clarifying rules around reimbursement when flights are booked via an intermediary, therefore providing better protection against cancellations. The proposals also aim to protect package travellers by clarifying the responsibilities of service providers. 

Finally, the proposals aim to provide better multimodal travel information services by creating a common European mobility data space. Planned revisions to the Delegated Regulation on EU-wide multimodal travel information service (MMTIS) will make it easier for passengers to find real-time information on different transport modes and access real-time updates during their journey. The initiative on a common European mobility data space (EMDS) was also adopted on the same day. This initiative will facilitate access and sharing of data, helping the public to stay up to date with the transport situation and traffic conditions. 

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