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Compete, Innovate and Win - New Horizon Prize


The European Commission has today launched two Horizon prizes worth €3.5 million and €1.5 million to develop the cleanest combustion engines and to cut emissions from existing diesal engines.

1. Cleanest Engine of the Future

 €3.5 million Horizon Prize  - Applications are open from now until 20 August 2019

The Horizon Prize for the Cleanest Engine of the Future aims to pave the way to this future engine by developing any technology that cleans the exhaust gases. This might be a filter, an additive, a combustion system or any other technology: it is up to the creativity of European scientists and industrial experts.

2. Engine Retrofit for Clean Air

 €1.5 million Horizon Prize - Applications are open from now until 12 September 2017

The Horizon Prize for the Engine Retrofit for Clean Air aims to find a way of cleaning existing diesel engines. This would offer a temporary solution until a better engine is invented or before electric cars become a mainstream.

Applicants from all fields, whether they are established researchers or innovative newcomers, are encouraged to apply for these prizes. Applicants have total freedom in the approach they take to deliver the breakthrough solution. The rules of contest of both prizes are available online at the dedicated: