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Decision Support Tools: New Thematic Research Summary online


Decision support tools are concerned with methodologies and information tools for transport policy making. The tools addressed by this Thematic Research Summary (TRS) are those targeted at public decision makers concerned with transport policies and projects at all geographical scales (urban, local, regional, national, supranational), such as traffic studies on equilibrium conditions between infrastructure and service supply and demand, impact studies and evaluation studies of transport policies and projects, monitoring and benchmarking of transport systems.
The new TRS aims to provide the reader with a synthesis of available results from completed European EU-funded research projects related to decision support tools for transport planning. The first part includes a brief overview of the scope of the theme and summarises the main policy developments at EU level relevant to the theme. The second part contains a synthesis of the main findings and policy implications from research projects and identifies the implications for further research.

The TRS on decision support tools is available for download from the Thematic publications section of the TRKC website.