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Electric bus launched in Sweden


The town of Gothenburg, Sweden is launching the public transport of the future. The buses are silent and emission-free and run on electricity from wind power and hydropower. The bus route is one of the most modern in the world - passengers can recharge their phones onboard and use Wi-Fi.
Buses powered completely by renewable energy will now be part of Gothenburg’s public transport system. Bus route 55 has three completely electric buses and seven electric hybrid buses made by Volvo.
The buses run on batteries that are quickly recharged with renewable electricity at the terminal stops. One stop is inside a building, possible as the buses are silent and emission-free.
"The Volvo Group aims to be the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. A unique collaboration in Gothenburg enables us to launch the electric bus route here and remain a leader in the development of future public transport," said Niklas Gustafsson, chief sustainability officer, Volvo Group.
Bus route 55 is a result of ElectriCity, a collaboration that develops, tests and demonstrates new, attractive, sustainable collective transport for the future. In addition to the actual buses, ElectriCity develops and tests new bus stop systems, traffic management systems, safety concepts and energy supply systems. The new electric bus route not only puts Gothenburg on the map for innovative public transport systems, but also opens new possibilities for urban planning.
"ElectriCity and route 55 are concrete proof of how Gothenburg is being developed into a denser, more sustainable and open city with attractive public spaces and a rich urban life. The project also demonstrates our ambition and strategy to attract expertise and investment that help reduce environmental impact and develop collaboration between authorities, industry and academia," says Anneli Hulthen, chair of the city executive in Gothenburg.
It is hoped that the ElectriCity project will encourage use of public transport and prepare the way for more attractive public transport solutions in the region.