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Electric Vehicles: EV Radar and JRC Report Assessment


For the 2007-2015 period, the Joint Research Centre collected information and data on research, development, and demonstration projects (R,D&D) that are ongoing in Europe and focus on electric vehicles. This information – containing over 320 projects – is now searchable by geographical location or by three-dimensional car components, thanks to the EV-Radar, a brand-new interactive tool.Presented during the last International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, which took place in Barcelona from 17 to 20 November, the EV-Radar consists of a touchscreen where users can select and browse project information quickly identifying descriptions, links, partners and budget for each entry. The symposium was also the scene to present the JRC report ‘Paving the way for electrified road transport’, which assesses the potential gaps in the electric vehicles research landscape, and feeding with initial input the European Electro-mobility Observatory, launched by the European Commission early this year.More information on the EV Radar and JRC Report Assessment can be accessed on the JRC website.